Desktop/Laptop + -

If you’d like to access your oto account on a desktop or laptop computer, simply go to and log in with your details. Here you will find a comprehensive analysis of your oto vehicle, that is still easy to understand!

Tablet or Smartphone + -

If you would like to access your oto account using a tablet, there are two ways this can be done. You can either go to and log in with your details or download the oto app on apple, android and windows tablets. Here you will find a comprehensive analysis of your oto vehicle, that is still easy to understand!

Anywhere Anytime + -

Being compatible with any device makes oto the most interactive way to smarten up your car! Business owners arm your fleet operation with oto trip and driver data, reliable driver scoring, and constant location awareness in order to improve your driver, vehicle and business performance. While parents are able to monitor their vehicle while the kids are starting out behind the wheel. Something for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Device

While the vehicle engine is turned off, locate the On-Board Diagnostic (ODB) port and plug your oto dongle in. The most common locations of a vehicle’s ODB port are shown below.

The Technology

Download the oto CONNECT application from the App Store on your iPhone, or Google Play on your Android phone.

Get Connected

Click the button below to view a step by step tutorial of what happens after your purchase.


Your car anytime


Driver behaviour


Vehicle health



Driver Breakdown

Learn more about driving events, including the type, location and time of each event. Driving feedback gives the driver important reminders and safety suggestions, specific to each driving event. Tagging the trip allows you to easily classify each trip for personal, business or otherwise.

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"Vehicle downtime costs more than you may realize: Some researchers estimate that vehicle downtime is almost 8 times what a fleet manager or owner expects."

Fleet Answers

"Aggressive driving behavior, including speeding as well as harsh acceleration and braking, can reduce fuel mileage by up to 33%."

Telematics Wire

"The amount of money I save, for what oto's a no-brainer. I would recommend it to anyone that cares about both their car and their wallet."

Mark James